Jenny Pery Artists' Handmade Books

Jenny Pery Handmade Books


For many years Jenny Pery has been involved in the creation of Artists' Handmade Books, some of which are shown above.

Published in small editions, most have been collaborative ventures with other Printmakers, but the books Weather Patterns & Animalore consist entirely of her own prints.

Each book is hand-printed, hand-sewn and hand-bound by the contributors.

All of her handmade books are in public or private collections with some having been acquired by the National Special Books Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

ANIMALORE is a compendium of animal proverbs illustrated by Jenny Pery using a variety of printmaking techniques, etchings, linocuts, drypoints, collagraphs and wood engravings.


A list of Artists' Handmade Books on which Jenny Pery has collaborated


ALPHABEAST - An Alphabet of Animals - 1989

A SWEET DISORDER - A Celebration of Herrick's Poetry - 1991

FLOWER BOOK - Images of Wild Flowers - 1996

WEATHER PATTERNS - Weather Proverbs Illustrated - 1997

PRINTMAKERS PEOPLE - Relationships Illustrated - 2000

SPORTING PRINTS - A Quirky Look at Various Sports - 2000

DARTMOOR PROFILE - Images of Dartmoor - 2001

DART - Alice Oswald's Poem Illustrated - 2003

COOK THE VIEW - Recipes from Devon - 2007

FIVE LADIES TRAVELLING - Different Countries Illustrated - 2008

A PRINTMAKERS POETICA- Favourite Poems Illustrated - 2011

ARC-EN-CIEL - A Rainbow in Print and Verse - 2013

ANIMALORE - Animal Proverbs Illustrated - 2015