Jenny Pery Selected Publications

Jenny Pery Publications



Solomon J Solomon RA (Ben Uri Gallery 1990)

The Affectionate Eye – The Life of Claude Rogers (Sansom 1995)

John Dodgson (The Fine Art Society 1995)

Caziel – The Grand Play of Light (AM 1997)

Robert Jones (Halsgrove 1997)

Edward Piper (Messums Fine Art 2000)

Edward Piper – Nudes (The Old Laundry Press 2000)

By the Look of Things – The Art and Life of Robert Organ (Sansom 2003)

Alan Cotton – On a Knife Edge (Halsgrove 2003)

Touch & Time – The Sculpture and Drawings of Bridget McCrum (with Ann Elliot BAS 2005)

Eyton’s Eye – Anthony Eyton A Life in Painting (Royal Academy 2005)

Daphne Todd – Paint and Principle (Messums 2008)

Benedict Rubbra – Point of Balance (Halsgrove 2008)

Painter Pilgrim – The Art and Life of Tristram Hillier (Royal Academy 2009)

A Being More Intense – The Art of Six Wood Engravers (Oblong 2009)

Dominic Welch – Meditations in Stone (Messums 2009)

Flume & Vortex – The Art of Two Fountaineers (Halstar 2010)

Alan Cotton – Giving Life a Shape (Halstar 2010)

Dominic Welch – Forms of Contemplation (Messums 2012)

Peter Kuhfeld – The Journey of the Eye (Messums 2012)

Francis Hewlett – Impassioned Observer (Halstar 2014)

Andrew Festing – Face Value (Millennium 2015)

Raphael Maklouf – Life, Art, & The Making of the Mint (Halstar 2018)

Dominic Welch – Dreaming in Stone (Messums 2018)

Alan Cotton – Drawn to Paint (Halstar 2019)




Painters & Sculptures of the South West  (Messums 2001)

The Visionary Gleam - Twenty Devon Artists (Transactions 2001)

The Elemental North - Yorkshire Painters (Messums 2005)

Alan Cotton  (Messums 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011)

Daphne Todd  (Messums 2008)

Andrew Festing  (Messums 2010)

Dominic Welsh  (Messums 2012, 2015, 2018)

Artists from Devon: Focus on Benjamin Robert Haydon (Transactions 2018)

Contour & Curve: Benjamin Robert Haydon (Transactions, Devonshire Association, 2018)

Wonders in Watercolour – The Art of Devon Painters: Focus on Samuel Prout (Transactions, 2020)


Also numerous other catalogues on the work of Anthony Eyton RA, Robert Organ, Robert Jones, Michael Honnor, Mildred Bendall, Edward Piper, Lilian Colbourn, Nadine Lundhal, Brian Rice, Annabel Gosling, Bridget McCrum, Andrew Hemingway, Daphne Todd OBE, David Andrew, Len Tabner, Isabella Lilias Trotter.