Wood Engravings

Wood Engraving is a very ancient art, previously used mainly for rare book illustration, and only relatively recently coming into its own as an independent art form. The detailed cutting into small blocks of boxwood, and the balancing of black and white tones, require much patience and concentration.

I was drawn to wood engraving some years ago as an antidote to making my large colourful abstract work, and I have found it particularly suited to celebrating some of the unusual animals that I have seen on my travels.

Here is a selection from my wood engravings.

The wood engravings are of various sizes, but all are small. They are engraved on blocks of boxwood or lemonwood and printed in a limited numbered editions. They available for £50 each including postage.












 Jenny Pery at Artmill Plymouth February 2022

Jenny Pery @ Artmill Plymouth